Doom 3 Tweak???

First off, teh game is fuckin insane, gotta love it

here is a tweak i just came across, cant try it til l8r this evening when i get off work

from the

Change config and speed up your Doom III

A tweak is a long time in politics

By Fuad Abazovic: Thursday 05 August 2004, 07:31
ALL YOU HAVE TO DO to speed up your Doom III is to change one key in Doomconfig.cfg file and your game will go much faster, it's claimed.

We haven't had a chance to try this out ourselves, so do so at your own risk.

The report is that if you find Doomconfig.cfg file in x:\Program Files\Doom 3\base and open it in Notepad, and edit one line, the game will go faster.

When you find seta image_cacheMegs "32" you change 32 number to 96 or even 128 or 256 and your Doom will go faster, it's claimed.

These guys here that found this key haven't tried any benchmarks yet, so it remains to be tested. µ

if anyone else knows of a good Doom 3 tweak or have tired this one, plz let me know

I think their are a ton of people posting about it on Jerkie. Haven't tried it yet.

This is like the hunkmeg memory allocation command in Q3. This simply allows Doom to allocate more memory specifically for the game.

This works great if you have 1 or 2GBs of Ram but do not try this if you have only 512. Changing this value without a sufficent amount of free ram will cause you to have problems running both the game and your OS, because it will dip into the ram normally allocated for the OS.

Q, the guy who posted the tweak is only running 512MB of ram and he's saying its working great

i got a GB of ram so im gonna try it out l8r this evening

The best tweaks I've found for the game can be found there.

Jerkie, the tweak you're talking about works great for 512mb's. It takes a little longer to load the levels but once loaded the game doesn't need to access the hd as often. It doesn't make the game run any faster but it instead it gets rid of the stuttering that is noticeable when you enter another room(loading) or face a lot of monsters. If you've got 2 gigs of ram you shouldn't have to tweak the game much as the levels will be loaded onto the memory without the need to use the hd.

Warning...this is all "afaik"

sweet, was wondering when gab would post some good info

u da man bud

ill check out ur link when i get home, WORK SUX

I meant to say if you have 512MB not to allocate too much RAM to DOOM otherwise you could have problems.

Take my advice with a grain of salt though, I am suggesting this based on my experences with Q3 not D3.

Even though most of the commands in the console and config are the same, not everything is named the same way so results could vary.

ko0 Q, only thing i can do is give it a try l8r tonite, ill post my results l8r

didn't do a thing for me.

They this place:

I'm curious as to how well everyone's system is running this game. Can you guys do me a favor and check your performance.

Make sure the game is set to "high quality" and also 1024x768 resolution. You may have to apply settings and then exit the game and then reload(sometimes you need to do this to have the new settings worked).

After doing this, bring up the console in game by pressing "ctrl" + "alt" + "~". Once the console is up type "timedemo demo1.demo". At the end of the demo report your scores here. Here's an example(make sure you include your computer stats):

athlon xp3200+

radeon 9700pro aiw

512mb of pc3200

score 34.7 frames per second

LOL, i just read jman's link and it goes through all the shit i just wrote. The site jman posted seems better.

With my P4, 3.0Ghz, 1Gb RAM & 9800 Pro, on the HIGH setting for the timedemo I get:

1024x768=45 fps

1164x864=35 fps

1280x1024=30 fps

So I am running it at HIGH @ 1164x864 setting for the best performance vs graphics.

NONE of the advice worked to improve my fps. The only thing that helped me was loading the 4.9b cat drivers from ATI, and that only increased my fps by 2.

Speed your Doom 3: Part Two

With winrar, configs, tweaks

By Fuad Abazovic: Monday 09 August 2004, 07:01
WE GOT A LOT OF RESPONSE to our first article on how to speed up Doom 3. You can find it here.

For some users our tweak worked and for some it didn't but others revealed some nice tricks on how to speed up things.

One said: "In the base folder of ur Doom 3 installation, there are several *.pk4 files These files contains all the resources that doom 3 uses, like models, textures, sounds, … If these files are uncompressed using WinRAR, u will see great speed ups in doom since now, those files no longer need to be extracted".

Be warned that after extraction, your Doom III installation will be over 4GB, but that you can delete the *.pk4 files afterwards.

The second mail came from Bill, and was very detailed and helpful:

"Here are some changes to the DoomConfig.cfg file that some people report to being helpful in performance but not always in FPS btw.

seta image_useCache "1" == originally – 0
seta image_cacheMegs "256" == Originally 20 (set this to half your total system ram)
seta image_cacheMinK "20480" == originally 200 (change or will crash when u set usecache to 1)
seta com_showFPS "1" == originally 0 to show your FPS
seta com_videoram "128" == Added this value. Memory on video card, default is 64 so this should help
Andy said:

"Well, as everyone was shouting about this I decided to check the numbers.
Results of timedemo demo1 (console from ctrl+alt+`).
seta image_cacheMegs "20"
run 1
2148 frames in 69 seconds.
31.1 fps

2148 frames in 62 seconds.
34.6 fps

seta image_cacheMegs "32"
run 1
2148 frames in 66 seconds.
32.5 fps

run 2
2148 frames in 62.1 seconds.
34.6 fps

seta image_cacheMegs "128"
run 1
2148 frames in 66 seconds.
32.5 fps

run 2
2148 frames in 62.1 seconds.
34.6 fps

seta image_cacheMegs "256"
run 1
2148 frames in 66 seconds.
32.5 fps

run 2
2148 frames in 62.1 seconds.
34.6 fps

My specs for those interested:

Athlon XP 2800+ (Tbred)
Shuttle XPC SN41G2V2
2x512MB Corsair XMS DDR PC3200 (6-2-2-2 sync with 333fsb)
ATI Radeon 9800Pro 128MB
2xWD 80GB Caviar 8MB Cache
"As you can see the second run in all cases was faster than first run. The results for image_cachemegs "20" were included because that is what i had as default.

"Game running in medium quality 1024x768 32bpp all advanced options on except AA.

"What is strange is that it does seem faster during real gameplay than the timedemo suggest. Maybee were seeing something similar to the old com_hunkmegs from quake, where its caching more of the textures before the level starts instead of during play. Who knows why it doesn't seem to be reflected in the timedemo stats.


Thanks you for your, time you guys. µ

If you get artifacts doing that tweak you should change to high details. Also, this tweak only works for ati cards and It's rumored that "Humus" the ati engineer that discovered this tweak has talked to John Carmack and it looks like Carmack may implement this in a patch of some kind in the future. This may bring ati's performance up to nv's in doom3.


ttt for FarCry

This tweak kinda stabalized my framrate at 30fps, its funny how I can see that now. Can I take it off by making the 1 a 0 again.