Doom 3

I finally broke down and upgraded my  rig to play some of the new games on the market. I had been playing the classics (half life, unreal, quake II) for cheap but started buying the PC Gamer mags and curiosity got the best of me.  I'm just going to say that at 35 this game still scares the sh!t out of me.  I'm a bit disappointed that there seems to be no support for controllers because playing with a keyboard sucks.  Anyone else playing this one?  What did you think about Doom vs other current FPS?

doom3 was awesome for the first few hours, then after being jumped from behind everytime you pick up an item, unable to see shit and having to switch to a flashlight all the time, made the game not so fun. and i didn't bother trying to reach the ending.

half-life 2 on the otherhand, was a masterpiece that i wish went on longer.

agree with tycoon. At the start it scared the shit out of me, but got boring after a while.

Ditto on the comments, though I enjoyed Doom to the end - it got to the point (very quickly, too) that whenever I saw a gun or health on the ground, I'd turn around and walk to it backways, because I knew some SOB would spawn in right behind me. Walking to it backways insured that at least they'd spawn in right into my targeting reticule ;-)

That's a nice shock once in a while, but the designers WAY overused it.

Also, if you just hate playing with a mouse and keyboard and like using controllers, the XBox version is coming out in a month or so, and is getting rave reviews so far. The few full critiques I've read so far are saying that it beats Halo 2's single player experience, and the addition of online co-op is a great extra. Online MP, on the other hand, is quite small. However, critics apparently are shocked that the XBox version is nearly identical to the PC in terms of graphics - the lighting, the shading, the animation, etc., are all supposedly equal. The resolution and framerate, OTOH, quite obviously take a huge hit. But that's fodder for another post.

But to add to what folks have said here - I was in your shoes for a while, and I played shooters from Wolfenstein (the old version) and Duke Nukem and Doom 1&2 all the way up to Quake 2 before I stopped using a joystick (of all things) and turned to the mouse and keyboard combo. The shift wasn't easy, but once I got used to it (took about a month), the advantages were extremely obvious, and it made the games easier.

Oh, yeah, get Half-Life 2. You won't regret it ;-)