Doom 4

Anyone play it yet? I've read reviews and watched gameplay/playthroughs and I'm not sure if I should buy it or not. OG can be my deciding factor.

Multiplayer seems really meh to me and I probably wouldn't touch it.

Single player campaign seems shortish so I guess my question is does the game have high replay value with the difficulty levels? Or is it gonna be a one and done after I finish the campaign. I don't feel like shelling out 60 something bucks if I'm not really gonna play it besides just the one time Phone Post 3.0

I hear single player was real fun and multi sucks, I am going over to to get it for about $35, works on steam.

Got it on PC. Haven't been playing it heaps as I don't get much time and I don't play multi-player at all. But enjoying single player heaps. One of the most enjoyable FPS I have played in a long time...I don't play that much FPS though.

Also graphics on PC are very good. Can't comment on consoles. Brother has it on Xbox and he loves it.

From what I read the general consensus seems to be the same. Single player is good as any FPS but multiplayer is a let down. Phone Post 3.0