Doom = Disappointing?

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for the game and I'm sure the single player experience will be amazing but I don't see ID putting much MP into it aside from deathmatch and that's really gonna cut down on it's replay value. I have a hard time playing single player games anymore because I get bored so easily. Has to be really great to keep my attention if I'm not playing with other people.

Mods = the answer I guess

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Mods are largely where it's at for multiplayer gaming anyways, and Id titles have always had excellent Mod support (they STARTED the whole mod thing after all!)

Very true, I got hooked on online games after Team Fortress. Hopefully something that creates the same addiction will come out for Doom.

Do not get this game if you are looking for a great MP title. This is definately for the SP experience. Though I'm sure some great mods will come of it.

Would be cool if OSP got into Doom3. I´m not worried at all, Quake2 was meant as a single player game and the multiplayer just came along, and it was a great multiplayer game.

if i want MP i play BF:Vietnam or Unreal Tournament.....I'm buying Doom 3 for the single player.....

I am buying Doom 3 for the single player experence and for the engine from which many mods for mp will be developed.

If Id follows the path it took with Q3, (mod support) there will be many, many mp mods for Doom3. There are more FPS games developed using the Q3 engine than any other.

I'm buying Doom3 for the SP and MP ... heck, I still play Quake2 CTF occasionally.

I used to have 500 user levels for doom, quake, duke nukem, and shadow warrior.

Can't seem to find them now.