Doom vs Iron Man

After watch FF2 I was wondering who would win. It seems they match up equally in just about all categories.

except doom has magic iirc. that imo would be the deciding factor.

Doom if it was all out.


Doom wins at 3:29 of Round 5 via magnum of 1954 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild.



Or more likely a magnum of 1963 Chateau von Doom :-P

Come on, the guy lives in Europe and is a gojillionaire - you don't think he'd have the best-stocked wine cellar on the planet? Tony would be powerless against such a weapon

Could someone just teleport alcohol directly into his stomache? That would be pretty cool

Doom by anything he feels like.

leigh-"doom's armour can't compare to stark's. both let their ego's get in the way. i don't see doom as even in his league to be honest, other than if they were both in the octagon in only fight shorts and gloves. in his armour, iron man would rape and violate doom "--------------------------------------------------------EEEEEEEEEEEENT !! Wrong again (no surprise). LOL @ Doom not knowing what Stark's new armor can do and EASILY coming up w/ 10 different ways to beat him. Doom is MUCH MUCH smarter than Tony could ever even dream of. Stark runs a company and struggles w/ Whirlwind and Mandarin. Doom runs a country and owned the Beyonder.

This is not even close.

The writers of IM need to get a good rivalry going with Doom, given that after the events of Civil War the two of them seem to have an awful lot in common.....which of course should lead them to hate each other with a passion ;-)

Naw, they'd probably make good company these days. Hell, Doom can probably get an embassy on our shores again.

Doom would have to resort to magic in the end.