Is this not the greatest computer game of all time?

I can remember getting the disks from a buddy at school, running home, typing A:\install.exe and then being completely blown away by a game that would take over my life for some time. The best thing was playing that game behind my parents backs. My little cousin is just about old enough for me to hand him a CD with Doom on it and say "Make sure to not let your parents see you playing this."

I can remember being totally, absolutely immersed in that game. Firing the shotgun for the first time was possibly the coolest moment I've experienced in video games. As John Carmack says, "Doom was really the first time that non-gamers could look at a video game and understand what all the fuss was about."

The fact that Doom was really a 'first of it's kind' (besides Wolfenstein) and id got it so correct on their first try is almost unbelievable.

I'm sure you guys have thoughts on Doom...

Awesome game. I remeber the day it was released. We had two computers (486 66MHz) in the shop which we connected with serial cables and blasted each other all day long. Some weekends we would have to turn the PCs off just so people wouldnt leave the store.

Played via modem with a few friends. Coop rocked.

In middle school I used to play co-op every single day after school with a buddy of mine... Lots of fun.

yea, i was all about the Deathmatch

The goal was coop until we cleared the map, then we kicked each other ass until we got tired and gated to next lvl. I hope Doom 3 has some good coop abilities like other versions on Doom and Quake.

i remember when I first saw Doom and my friend ripped out the chainsaw and hacked some zombie down...i went and bought that little shareware disk for 5 bucks and beat it right quick....i remember when I was like 14 and got Doom II for christmas....first time you opened up an imp with the double barrelled shotgun was the bomb

I played that game at night in the dark on my 486. It was scary as hell. I think the shotgun in doom is the best weapon ever.

Dude, you are absolutely correct. Firing the shotgun for the first time in Doom is one of my favorite video game moments of all time.

I still remember doom II's description of the double barrel shotgun: "A sawed-off killing stick"

spg, you just described my experience with doom to a t.

My friends and I would sit in a room and play that shit with the lights out, and get scared whenever a damn dirty zombie attacked from behind. Still one of my favorite game memories.

doom was amazing when it first came out. I had the leaked version of doom3 last year and I let my buddy play it wiht the lights out and the stereo cranked. He actually jumped out of his seat a few times and his heart was just racing after a few minutes.

The sound in the game is going to be phenominal.

3t's for the original fps.

I used the level editor that came with the game and made a whole room filled wall to wall with every type of monsters. Then I walked past the door and they all went apeshit on each other leaving just one lost soul left.

Ponyboy - I used to love making levels with ridiculous amounts of monsters and then just turning on God mode and takign care of business.

And if the Doom3 alpha is any indication, then we are going to have another amazing game on our hands (hopefully) soon.

Awesome game, I still play it.

All the fucked up images in inferno were scary as hell at night!

Doom was some of the greatest gaming time I ever had...