Doom3 Release Date (maybe)

GameSpot learned that Activision may be planning to ship the PC Doom 3 on April 15. While the date has not been announced yet, a source from within Activision's managerial caste told GameSpot the date was "official." The source also said the Xbox version of the game has not yet received a firm release date. GameSpot is actively seeking follow-up confirmation on the date, and will post updates on any developments.

Please please please please please

I heard December from a RELIABLE source.

Well I have been following Doom3 VERY closely and I would not be surprised if it was correct.

and your RELIABLE source is?

I think it should be out around April. It is common that release dates get pushed back, but its not very common for a company to put pre-order boxes on the shelf if the product isnt a few months behind it.


I don't think Carmack will go to another E3 without Doom.