Doordash pays you

And so the story unfolds. “If someone could pay Doordash $16 a pizza, and Doordash would pay his restaurant $24 a pizza, then he should clearly just order pizzas himself via Doordash, all day long. You’d net a clean $8 profit per pizza [insert nerdy economics joke about there is such a thing as a free lunch],” wrote Roy. They order 10 pizzas this way, and it worked! The money was free, a seamless transfer from SoftBank’s deep venture capital-lined pockets to Roy’s friend’s business bank account. Eventually, in another series of what Roy hilariously calls “trades,” they just ordered pizza dough through DoorDash for $75 in pure profit.

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Every time we are on Doordash, it’s more expensive to buy food then on the restaurants menu. We usually order and pick it up. That’s not pizza though, maybe that is different.


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Even without using doordash, uber eats or Grubhub, the “service fees” pizza places charge for ordering via the app or online are bullshit.