Dope HL of Ricardo "Ricardinho" Vieira

if someone could please embed this for me thanks!!!!!!

Great Highlight, always been a big fan of his game

why is he clowning that guy?

vegard - why is he clowning that guy?

cause hes a jerk. haha jk there are a few vids of him clowning guys like this if you do a search.

is he related to Leo by any chance?

would love to roll with him

What a beast!!! And he does it because he can!!! The other guys a black belt too and its just in the gym so whatever. I'd love to roll with him!

Ricardo is the most talented grappler I've ever trained with and I get to train with his brother! His guard feels like it isn't even there until you're sent flying! He is so creative.


for later

Where is Ricardo teaching these days? With Leo in Cali?