Dos Caras = Garbage

What did pride see in this guy? What a sack of potatoe I mean the guy just lay there in the cornor what a boring fighter. LOL at the hole cornor with mask on.They where hidding there faces for imgration reason...

He does suck. What's even funnier is how some people on here thought he had a good chance against CroCop.

yeah he is pretty bad, His stand up is quite bootylicous! He's a tall guy and seems in shape but man he has limited ability's as a fighter!

"His stand up is quite bootylicous"


I'm not sure, but I think that his mask may prevent cuts.

More luchadores in MMA!


he should have used hurricanranas

he sucks... i don't understand they hype him up as a wrestler, i have not seen him do anything that resembles wrestling...what's up with his corner ? it's really fuckin stupid

great title for this thread... TTT

at least he put his best face out there HAHAHAHa...get it?, 2 faces, ay yi yi compadres...

i wonder how he was planning on finishing the fight?

why do fighters even fight if they have no finishing
ability or gameplan?

being on the mexican national greco wrestling team... what does that equate to?

You know the biggest part that dissapoints me is that this guy
got PAID!!! I was at Bushido when he fought Cro-Cop and
from the Pride execs. they told us that he got paid $100
Grand for that fight. What a Joke. I love PRIDE but
sometimes wonder about there motives and the talent they
put in their shows. Pro-wrestlers=Pro-wrestlers Fighters=

Doesn't say too much for Yoshida's star students submission skills does it?

How can you guys be so judgemental after seeing one fight?

I haven't seen all of Dos Caras Jr's fights, but from what I have seen he has legitimate skills.

The same goes for Gilles Arsene... his highlights from the European? event he KO'ed a guy in were brutal.

Yet after one fight in Pride, he is ridiculed beyond belief.

Dos Caras Jr. does not suck... and for the record neither does Igor or Sak. When you fight as much as these guys do, against top level competition, you are bound to win some and lose some. That is what makes a champion, and is why I respect these guys so much. No padded records.

If Igor lost against Bobish, he would still be the fucking man. Look at his record. It is one of the greatest in the sport.

TTT for the 'experts' on this forum.


DOS CRAPITAS IS THE WORSE MMA FIGHTER EVER DUDE CROCOP SMOKED HIM, with one punch and kick, dos the great and might LUCHE LIVRE pos fucktard needs to just give it up, yea i dont fight yea he does, but he is putting his life on the line when he gets in the ring, absolutely no skill.

And Jaysun, that mask dont prevent cuts, that shit just makes it worse, and hides them or keeps the blood in his eye. Mask fucked him for crocop kick. i think that if he didnt have mask on that kick whouldnt of landed so hard, and whould of grazed over his head more yea whould of still ben devestateing but the texture of the mask, had to somewhat Grip up on Crocops shin skin, i mean it aint like they was all sweaty from 15 mins of fighting.

he blows... has no gas... no takedowns.. nothing.. he showed nothing.... he lost to a little pudgy jap with a mullet...

he was very boring to watch.. and his corner sucks!!

He is not a good fighter, but people thought he was a prowrestler, certainly he showed more skills escaping submission then other prowrestlers he was being compared to.

I am starting to wonder if maybe the mask prevents cuts?