Dos Santos: 'The belt is coming back to Brazil'

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                                Dos Santos: 'The belt is coming back to Brazil'

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In a video interview with Portaldo Valetudo, “Cigano” revealed that UFC president Dana White told him that in case of a victory over Cain Velasquez, there is the possibility that the Brazilian can defend the belt in his homeland. “That motivated me so much,” commented Junior.

“I’ve been focusing boxing, jiu-jitsu without forgetting takedown defense and also training takedown attacks. If the chance comes up I can put him down as well. The things are getting along well. I’m just anxious to know when this [fight] is going to be.

“The belt is coming to Brazil. I’ve got all the conditions to become the fourth Brazilian champion currently.”

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jds wins that fight without too much trouble. bet the farm on it.

Dos Santos has a great chin so I think Velasquez will stop him late or win a decision. Either way, it's a one sided win for Velasquez.

Probably a 50/50 fight IMO

Its either Cain by decision or JDS by KO.

 I believe him.

people will continue to underestimate Cain. JDS is good but i got Cain.

JDS is an awesome fighter and I would be cheering for him but...

Cain will take him to the ground and pummel.

I want jds to win this. And I think it's possible, Bt I am thinking Cain takes this. Phone Post

JDS by better striking.

JDS For The Win Phone Post

Cain will win this fight hands down. he will take DS down and GnP his ass

 JDS is the only one with a shot of stopping Cain.

If Cain wins. He will clean the division out pronto

Hate420 - JDS by better striking.


JDS by better striking, better chin, and better reach

Can't wait for this fight!!!

You mean Cali ^^ Phone Post

Gotta show up for my boy Cain.

Can't see JDS winning this fight.

Easy win for cain, i cant believe most people will even think this will be that even. Cain will stop him in the 1st rd.

 Cain will beat JDS... and whoever else gets in his path. He will be the first ever dominate UFC Heavyweight champ.

It's a great fight in alot of different ways. I haven't been this pumped for a HW fight since Fedor/CroCop. I believe Cain will win, but I still believe JDS has a punchers chance.