dosbox help

Hey guys, computer illiterate and am trying to play some old dos games on an extra computer. THe comp is from '06ish and I don't know hte specs of it off hand, but it runs XP.
None of the games work so I downloaded DosBox and followed a tutorial here:

I followed it to the letter and set up the file and installed the games (ascendancy and X-com Apocalpyse) to their own respective folders. I mounted the drive and tried to run it, but it didn't work on either. WHen I'd run the .exe from dos box it would come up like it was loading; it would read of the company that put it out and the date it was released and then it would open a new dosbox window and all it would say is c:\apoc\ or c:\ascend\ ....I have no idea where the disconnect is..?

Also do I have to mount the c:\ drive each time? when I closed down and restarted dosbox it said nothing was mounted and I re-did it.

I've also seen it where people just take the .exe icon and drag it onto the dosbox icon to start it..this does start dosbox, but the games don't load...

Thanks in advance for any help, and remember..COMPUTER STUPID


thats actually the exact tutorial I followed..sorry I embeded it..guess I messe that up too! But yea did that too the T..but nothing runs...