Dot Hack for PS2

I saw that Dot Hack 3 was out, and I love a good RPG, so I went on a quest for Dot Hack 1 figuring it'd be cheap and if I liked it there were two more to get.

So far, excellent.
As a goodie, it came with a DVD anime that was better than it had to be. Being used to Yugioh and Pokemon cartoons as tie-ins, I was happy to find an actual plot and some decent dialog, along with the game tie-in story. It also had secrets hidden in the video that probably would've been more secret in the original Japanese where they didn't automatically subtitle the clues.

Anyway, the game's idea is kinda clever. You are supposed to be a kid playing an online RPG game. So, your party members often refer to their real, outside lives, use emoticons excessively, and sometimes seem like just the kind of dorks you'd really find online. You also get and send "email" that furthers the "over plot" about a dangerous virus loose in the game, as well as prowling message boards for hints and secrets. Very post modern and a nice break from some of the usual story lines.

The action is interesting. It's a mix of pure action, where your character runs frantically around, slashing monsters, and RPG menu stuff where the action stops at the push of a button and you can select skills, items, and spells from menus. Magic casting party members seem to require constant direction, but the physical fighters do fine by themselves.

The graphics are OK, not prize winning, but better than some. Monster design is a weird mix of standard beasts and surrealist foes, but remember, this is just a "game" that you're playing in this game, which actually helps my suspension of disbelief.
Some of the graphics are part of the over-plot, where the "game" breaks down or you do something not normally allowed in the game. These are best effects in the game, no doubt, and do a great job of reminding you that the "game" has other stuff going on in it.

All in all, nice. I'm looking forward to finishing it and getting on to #s 2 and 3.

interesting... i wish i were into rpgs more... they just can't keep my attention enough to complete has all

I agree with your analysis pretty much 100%.

I've finished the first 2... Unfortunately I haven't had time to play 3 yet.. 4 is out pretty soon also, right? Maybe over winter break I'll have time to finish 3.

Is it the same plot line in #2?

They are all the same plot line.

I have the first three at home, unopened... lol, i've been too busy with work lately...

Yeah it just picks off where the oen before ends. When you beat part 1 you get a special save file that you can continue with into part 2.

When you beat part 1 you get a special save file that you can continue with into part 2.
Excellent. One reason I got this game was because the sequels are already out. Too often, I beat a game and then I erase the save file before the sequel comes out, hence losing any cool bonuses I might get.

It looks like they had some kind of anime series in Japan, judging by the DVD.

I think .Hack is pretty big in Japan.. There's a whole anime series - I've seen the DVDs at Bes Buy.