Double Dash question

Any suggestions on winning on 150?? I got the game last night and haven't used half the characters yet, but I seem to remember someone recommending using the light guys with fast accel for 150.

Anybody got tips or suggestions they would share??


Everytime I beat it on 150, it is with the light guys...Im on the Mirror mode and it still requires the lighter combo's..

LOL!! What are you complaining about Pun??

shadetree, yeah, I'm seeming to have better luck with the light guys. It just pisses me off that I can't get rough and try bumping the other racers. I loved knockin fools out of the way in the 64 version.

Oh well.

Big Pun = Extremely jealous

i was thinkin about gettin this game. Is it any fun if you play three ppl? thanx

Florida, I'd definitely imagine so.

4 player is the best IMO, especially battle mode

God damnit, this is some fucking BULLSHIT!!! Fuckin AI does like 3 or 4 slide boosts on a turn that isn't even that long!!! AAAAAARGH!!!

Keeping the proud tradition of cheap Mario Kart AI alive.


Wait till you get into the Mirror Mode!

Hey guys, on the "All Cup Tour", do you need to get Gold in all 4 Cups to win the overall tour??

Oh, forget it, just realized you play all the races with no break.

lol, I don't see how the fuck they expect me to beat all cup tour on 150. It takes over a half hour and if I'm losing by too much at a certain point in the tour then I'm gonna have to quit and start over. Fuck, this is gonna suck.

i beat the flower, star and mushroom cups first time on 150CC with Baby Luigi and Baby Mario

What about the All Cup Tour on 150??

i know nothing of the all cup tour......what is it???????btw I got stomped on the special cup

Once you beat the All cup tour on 150 , you unlock mirror mode...Ive already beat the four regular cups on this mode which unlocked 2 upgraded vechiles, 2 new Characters(Boo, Piranha) and a new battle stage.
Havent beat the All cup tour on Mirror mode yet..


Mario Kart has the cheapest AI of any major game series. You can nail them with a banana peel, hit them with a red shell, slash their tires and they will be right on your ass in 30 seconds.