Double knockdown: Who gets up first wins!

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                                Double knockdown: Who wakes up first wins!

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                    <p>Aldyn Ashcraft made his amateur debut last month vs.&nbsp;Dalton Holverson at The Clash MMA 11 in North Logan, Utah. Holverson got a KO at 2:27 of the first, but Ashcraft got a simultaneous knockdown. Only problem is Holverson scrambled up first.</p>

Footage courtesy of viewer submissions on AXS TV Fights' Inside MMA.

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That seems fair to me. One dude was out cold and the other was just dropped and was getting up as soon as he hit the floor.

don't get me started. I'm still upset about the ruling of Newton/Hughes 1.

i always thought it should be the one who gets up first

That opens up a whole can of worms with medical I think.  When you are KO'd they keep you down to prevent you from getting up too soon.  I would think making two KO'd fighters determine the winner by trying to make it to their feet first would be contrary to the fighters' safety.