double underhooks


If I'm on the bottom of the turtle position and my opponent is in front of me (my head is underneath his body) and he has double underhooks, how do I escape?
This can be used to get the crucifix neck crank if he just turns me over.


I would suggest getting my back escapes video, however, in the meantime, check out these 2 links:

I do have your whole escapes set which has helped me a lot, you show an escape similar to the situation that i'm talking about in which the the guy on top has one overhook and one i take it that the escape is the same for double underhooks then, sit out weight on him, wait for the guy to post out an arm, and then rotate out to take the top position.


I assume when you say "double underhooks, you are referring to a person hugging under your armpits, right? If so, I think you may need to rewatch my video as I do address that.

To anybody reading this jens escapes package is awsome, buy it!, I have never seen a more organized and detailed dvd (and buy a lot of instructionals), and for the price it has so much info.

Bolo, this is what i'm talking about!

in this picture the guy on the top has one over hook and one under hook! I have watched your whole dvd and you do not cover double underhook escapes, it doesn't seem like a high percentage hold. You do cover the escape in the above link which is similar to what i am talking about.

OK, what you are referring to as double underhooks was different from I was thinking.

How are you ending up in that position? If your elbows are in, it would be pretty difficult for someone to get double.

I have gotten the position during vale tudo training, I kneed my partner in the head a couple of times. They put their hands out to block the knees giving me space to shoot my hands in for the "double underhooks".

What do you mean when you say "not let them get the underhooks"? I thought you had the underhooks.

sorry, the las paragraph i wrote didn't make sense, read it now i fixed it.

In your original question, you are in that position, but now your opponent is in that position?

"How are you ending up in that position"?

I have not actually been put into that position but have put others into it while training. If somebody where to put me into that position i would have no clue how to escape. The original question was hypothetical. So "how am i ending up in that position" i'm not, but i can tell you how I put my traning partner in it.


I would suggest asking this question to Rich Salamone on the Wrestling sub-forum. He can help you with this far better than I can since this situation is something that is very specific to wrestling. My knowledge and abilities are far inferior in this position in comparison to Rich's, in addition, he has fought NHB and that is something that I don't have experience in.


cool, you have been very helpful and honest.


wrestling sub forum? can you hook it up with a link!