Doug Christie stepped up.

Doug's one of the only guys who played at a good level consistently for the Kings in this years playoffs. It was good to see.

i hate that guy.

He just wanted to put on a good show for the fans before his wife chained him back up in the basement for the next 3 months.

Crack that whip
whip it good

lol, seriously though, he was very fuckin impressive at times in this postseason. If he'd have gone to the hoop a few more times in game 7 then who knows what would have happened. He's about the only King who had some success at that.

his hustle was impressive, he was covering the floor really well, kinda looked like a crackhead runnin around out there. a couple of those other bums could learn from him

Yeah, Peeler and Bobby Jackson are probably the only other Kings who play as intense as him on defense.

He played good, but the #1 finger in the air shit has to go! To GAY!!.....

"He played good, but the #1 finger in the air shit has to go! To GAY!!....."

You are incorrect, it's not the #1 finger, if it was then it WOULDN'T be gay. lol, it's "I love you" to his wife. :)

"The poor guy has nothing. What can he do? Seriously."

He provides huge defensive intensity, he's a hustler, and he did a bit of everything in this years playoffs, mabye you weren't watching.

lol, yeah, you're right, it's all his fault we lost.

Did you even watch game 7?? He was great, his dive to steal the ball from Cassell in the last minute was fucking SICK.

"Bibby and Jackson were the soldiers throughout the season."

No, Peja was a fuckin G in the regular season, you know nothing. Yeah, he sucked it up in the playoffs, but you're still wrong. :)

lol, no more food for you, ya troll. :)