Doug Evans - Moved to Vegas


Just wanted to let my friends, promotors, and potential sponsors out there know that I have recently moved to Las Vegas and some of my contact info has changed.

Feel free to contact me at:

and I'll send you my new phone/address info:

Also, since I'm pretty new here I am always looking for guys to train and spar with so if you're interested in having aother training partner or team mate please get in touch...the more contacts I have here the better.


Doug Evans

why the move?

Well, I'm a Bay Area native and pretty much spent my life there and needed a change of scenery. I like the desert and my girlfriend and I both had the means and will to move to some place warm (and as you know the weather there this winter there has been super nasty)...and the housing market here is phenomenal right now and we were able to buy an awesome house with a pool in a gated community in Henderson. It also helped that there many good fight gyms here.

Nothing against the Bay Area, it will always be home, but we both love it here and look forward to a long prosperous life here

but on a side note...she wouldn't move with me to (hopefully we can still get a vaction home there)


and if any of you are in Vegas feel free to shoot me an email if you want to train or just hang out by the pool.


TTT for Doug "The Demon" Evans reason I can't play poker and fight ;)


I'll be over for the next UFC.

how is it so far, I hear really mixed things about Vegas?


Welcome to Vegas, see you at the clubs on the off time, John Lewis promotes Pure the night club at Cesar Palace, just saw him there Tuesday night!

Where are you training? Stop by and train anytime. We have alot of guys around your weight.

i'm making the move to vegas this summer. Probably into henderson or summerlin. who are you training with out there?

thanks for the reponses gentlmen, lets see if I can answer each of you in one post:

*KaoLoy - no problem, shoot me an email and I'll give you directions. I have an amazing LCD projector that shoots a 72" picture on the wall with stereo surround sound and a couch that easily will hold 8 people...bring meat.

*bearnakedchoke - we've only been here a month, but so far we love it. Leaving the rainy cold Bay Area (Ilived in SF)for the sunshine has done wonders for my mental state. We live in Henderson which is may 10 miles from Vegas and it is a very mellow town with loads of new construction everywhere. It is very nice to have the strip close by and the fact that as Nevada residents we get into the Spearmint Rhino free! only bad thing is that people drive crazy here but that happens everywhere.

  • SamboReigns - thanks for the welcome, I'm not much of a club goer but you might catch me out on a rare're more likely to run into me at the Smith'

  • 1031 - yes I am fighting June 3rd in Oakland. I beleive that my opponent is Thomas Shulte from New Mexico I beleive. From what I have heard/read he is a very slick submission oriented fighter and I am primarily a stand up fighter (I have quite a few Muay Thai fights...shh I'm not going to tell how many) so from what I can gather it will be the classic striker vs. grappler match up. Also, it should be an exciting fight as we both like to bring it. Feel free to shoot me an email and I'll shoot you a bio. I don't know much else about my opponent.

  • Xyience Training Ctr - Jeff, thanks for the phone call I'll be in to train as soon as I can. Hope you're feeling no pain!

*MurdochIRL - I plan on training with the Xyience Team as long as they'll have me! If you're looking to be close to the Xyience center you'll probably want to be in Summerlin, however I can't say enough good things about Henderson.

*dan black - thanks bro, shoot me an email when you're in town.

Doug Evans


Remember me!?!?!?!? I am going to be out that way in about a month bro! My brother is competing in a powerlifting competition. I am having surgery on my wrist, so I won;t be able to train and stuff, but I would love to at least meet up for a few hours or something. Shoot me an e mail at when you get a chance. It would be great to see you again.

-rich mendelson

Rich...of course I remember you bro!!'re more than welcome to stay at my place if you like, we have plenty of room and you're more than welcome would be cool to see your bro again too.

I'll shoot you an email tonight...good to hear from you, too bad about the wrist, hope ya heal quickly.

Dan, I'll definitly be in touch before I come up for the fight on the 3rd of you and Josh can light a fire.


hey Rich, did you get my email?


Demon- You've got mail at yahoo bro. I never got your other message, so thats why I have not reponded. ttyl bro.



check your e-mail


Good luck in your fight Kirik! Whoop ass!


Doug - Where are you training out there?