Doug Polk vs Dan Bilzerian Interview

Key takeaways that I got from this interview:

  • Dan came off better in this interview and his story seems more plausible

  • Polk came off as a dick for refusing to admit he was wrong to use click bait and a chopped up interview to slander Dan

  • Dan brings receipts, haters only brought crazy hypotheticals (but but, his dad probably laundered money to him, I don’t know how but he did it in front of the IRS)

  • Someone finally called out Polk for being a slimy click baiter, building his brand off the work of other successful people

  • Dan won the debate, I still think he “embellishes” stories but for the most part is telling “mostly truthful” stories with a little BS sprinkled in between.

The More Plates More Dates guy has been fawning over that dude for a couple weeks now.

I still think Dan Bilzerian is a douche bag.


Who cares?

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If Dan Bilzerian told me it’s raining I’d look out a window to check for myself.


Oh he is. I think that’s why he got failed for SEAL training. He passed all the requirements, but he was just too much of a prick so they just let him do all the work and told him to fuck off at the end, lol. Whatever, plenty of people are douchebags and full of shit.

I don’t know who Doug Polk is, sounds like one of those internet guys who’s job it is to just talk shit. So he should love Dan for giving him material. He looks real faggoty for whatever it’s worth. His stupid hair makes Dan’s ridiculous hair look cool.


No, he didn’t pass all the requirements, he got dropped for obvious reasons! Safety violation was one I know of on top of his shit self absorbed attitude.

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Innocent question: what’s a safety violation in that context?

It can’t possibly be some kind of bullshit OSHA rule.

Edit: Google says that it was on the firing range. I’m going to guess he pointed a gun at someone. I’ll keep digging.

He mopped and didn’t put up the “Piso Mojado” sign. I’m sure they can find any reason to kick anyone out if they want to. Just like everything in life, people fuck up. Some things can probably be overlooked if they know you’ll be a good seal. If not and you’re a dickhead anyways, you’re out. Who knows though. Maybe he set someone on fire. The inspiration for becoming the CEO of “Ignite Worldwide”.


I’m sure it’s something like that. I only know what I’ve seen in documentaries, read in books or heard on podcasts but I’d bet a paycheck that they have provisions for throwing someone out if they’re a shitty person.

2 hours…?

What did he do to his hair?

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His dad was a crook right? I think I heard that Dan had his business set so that all the money lost/wasted was from investors, none of his own. His persona seems like comical bullshit. All signs point to him having horrible character. Not SEAL material. He got to play a seal in a movie though. In the background, lol. He’d probably be an OK guy to be around, just take him for what he is and don’t let him have access to your funds in any way.

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Doug Polk has won WSOP braclets and knows he poker scene that’s why all credible poker players calls out Dan for his nonsense about winning his money in China against Billionaires. He got his money the same way his father did, by being a crook.

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I agree with you entirely.

Something amusing about this that I was just reading is that the mother fucker was supposed to be on screen for 8 minutes and have 80 lines of dialogue. Then, when he was only on screen for a minute and had one line of dialogue, he sued the company that made the movie.

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lol. That’s hilarious. I hope that’s true. Classic douchebag behavior. He’ll hire someone to re-edit the movie and CGI himself into more scenes. Then not pay the guy.

Dan’s father was a Wall Street crook who went to prison for failing to disclose revenues related to a couple corporate takeovers. While he was in prison the feds discovered that he had enormous assets in shell corporations, overseas holdings, etc.

One day Dan magically appears in Las Vegas with $50 million, claims to have won it all in high stakes poker, and the entire poker world said “Who the fuck is that guy?”

This isn’t rocket science. It’s more of a “Are you a total fucking moron?” test. If you believe him, do the world a favor and avoid procreation.


Maybe he won it in underground cage poker tournments? He could be the Frank Dux of poker. You don’t know.

lol. Everything he says and does is like a tiny nugget of truth under a mountain of bullshit. It’s just funny at this point. Hating him over it is like getting mad about pro wrestling not being real. Shiesty little bastard. He seems to be making the rounds and befriending nice guys who might not be on to him yet. Mike Swick, Derek from More Plates more Dates. Probably seeking new “investors”.

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Polk is an online poker legend. He focused primarily on headsup, making millions. He is at the minimum shit stirrer. He retired from poker, but last year came out of retirement to play heads up against 1 of the poker greats, Daniel Negreanu. Negreanu is also outspoken. The 2 of them had a beef for years also. Bottom line, 3 goofballs creating hours of nonsense that I watch and then feel the need to take a shower.

Ok. Halfway in. Bilzerian comes off disingenuous. To a non poker person, it makes sense but all that he talks about is wining winning winning. 99% of poker players have gone broke multiple times. Bilzerian only speaks of winning. That’s not how any poker pro I know of refers to the game…ironically, as I am typing this, he finally mentioned a losing session. Finally. He just mentioned losing in a laliberte game. For those not in the know, he is the cirque de Soleil guy who plays plays high stakes poker. Polk has always been a dick, so nothing new there.

I don’t know much about this cat at all and don’t care much how he got his money…but he seems to really be enjoying life - like he figured something out that I didn’t here.

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His current money seems to come from his highly constructed social media persona. It’s weird but good for him if he can make money from it.

‘Hi. I’m a famous bazilliionare with yachts, mansions and supermodels. Follow me.’