They're really good. What's the best kind of doughnuts?

Maple bar

Boston Creme

/End thread

glazed stick

The classic iced cake doughnut with sprinkles will aways be my favorite, second best is blueberry glazed.

Fresh ones

chocolate minis at walmart from their bakery.

gotta go with a cinnamon glazed for the usual size.

with a coffee.

Im all about the jelly, pudding, and cream filled (no homo) ones.

I think the two best I ever had the Navy they had these cream filled ones with maple icing-delicious and hard to resist. When I was really young and lived in a small town in Ohio there was this grocery store that had a bakery with these bad ass cream sticks. Those things were awesome.

Jhay -

glazed stick

Chocolate glazed

Good thread.

French crueller

Glazed cake.

Chocolate frosted.

Donuts imo

Blueberry cake is my favorite.

I make homemade ones with a lemon glaze and they are pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

Apple Fritters and Old Fashioned

No joke, I've eaten 10 dozen donut holes in the last 4 days. I guess you could say glazed are my favorite.

cinnamon roll from adams avenue donuts or fuck your mother.

Jhay -

glazed stick

That's what she said.