Dougie Fight League - DFL

Whaddya think?

One word........G-HEY!!!! But if it gets MMA into Ont. for you guys
then I'm "Behind" you all the way!!

You can't fool us! Canario already let slip that the DFL is just a front for the CDF!

Boog, I was just joking. The DFL is the #1 MMA promotion in Ontario, running Friday nights in the parking lot of Team Tompkins. Admission is $10 plus we get to use your vehicle to help form the ring of cars which serve as the boundary for the ring.

Sounds great I challenge dougie and Canario in a handicap match

In that case, I propose a tag match between me and my brother and a pair of hobos imported from the Salvation Army shelter here in Toronto.

Boog if i survive the handicap match can I be the special guest ref for the fight pleaaaassseee

If it's a handicap match you want then I have Canario as my handicap. What's yours?

My visual disability booyah lol

Sign me up :)

JHR Vs Bruno !

guardbr8kr vs crazyhooK 2 has to happen!

If there's an old guy - runt division, I'm so in.

Dsc, there is.

Showdown Joe's in it !


guardbr8kr is correct


TTT for an open weight tourney in the DFL

DVD's dammit!

yea Dougie u best start makin some DVDS of the DFL.. Ill volunteer to do some color commentary

JHR I'm in.....

i would be interested in fight 5 year olds. dougie set it up.