Dougie Fight League - DFL

Damn, seems there is no shortage of fighters wanting to be in the DFL!

the DFL is the grey cup of mixed martial arts


I so wanna ref in the DFL hook a brother up dougie

i will start the super heavy weight division for you

The DFL still pays in Beer and chicken wings correct ?

If not, all bets are off.

Actually, it pays in cheap beer and chicken wings.

We're on a budget.

draft beer for the win. but ill have crazy shits if i fight so watch out.

I like your payscale dougie

LOL at Tag Team MMA!

Curran has fought tag team MMA it must be good.

I shall have to reconsider my "LOL" then...

Wings and Beer! Consider me the Gate Keeper for the DFL then!

Can I hit someone over the head with a steel chair?

Damn I qualify for the midget category.I'll have to look for a place to hide.

I sense the DFL might be worthwhile being a reality TV show.

I am a midget as well.. the division is stacked

ill ref the midget division

...add Dougie, Canario, Felix and me and that midget division is really taking off.

I call for a TLC and hell in the cell match to start up the midget division