Somebody is coming back to take the belt off Tim according to MMAweekly Radio and Inside the UFC this week.

get out of my thread, you are clearly delusional and in need of medical help.

THERE WILL BE NO........NO, Randy hate in this thread. You will worship the ground he walks on like a real man, not a Sylvia sympathizer.

Did I mention that Randy will take Tim down in the clinch instead of reaching for his long, gangily limbs???

Randy Travis?

"Honey I don't care, I ain't in love with your hair...and if it all fell out, I'd love you anywaaaay!"

Don't make fun of Randy Travis either. He managed to make alot of money singing horrible music. He deserves respect for fooling everyone that bought an album.

yet, people think Vera will beat Tim??? Randy is bigger than Brandon.

Go Canario! Randy is a UFC Legend and will WIN this fight!! (I hope). Go Canario and Go Couture!

I read this and passed out.

"yet, people think Vera will beat Tim??? Randy is bigger than Brandon."

And 60 years older...


TTT for the Natural...
I hope he wins, he's an amazing guy

TTT to Randy Balboa!!!

Hold your tongue JHR... there's something wrong with being 60 years older than everyone...

I don't want to see randy fight Sylvia

because he'll win.

and then have to fight Cro Cop

Which makes me scared