Dougie's Least Favourite Album

Americana - Offspring


hehehehe. Try a tri-angle on him Dougie.

Canario dislikes the triangle...


No, I am going to try and pull off the new body kimura next time.


I don't know why I get mad when Canario gets the tap.

I suspect it is the Wes Sims t-shirt he wears.

I don't know if any of you saw Fox and I rolling last night, but it was an epic battle. No taps....but plenty of action.

You missed me rolling with Esfiha. I was stellar!

In fact, I have a pic here of when I managed to get his back.

Please note the look of concentration as I figure out my next move.

Big thanx to Little One for taking this pic as I am sure no one would believe me if I didn't have evidence.


The funniest part of this weekend was my mom telling me some Asian guy named "Asweega" called looking for me.

Turned out to be a Brazilian named Esfiha....

Watch out, J.T. Canario is ready for any triangle.

Don't even bother going for an Armbar or Oma Plata.....

LOL @ "Asweega"

How did this get all the way to the bottom of the page???

This is vital information that everyone on the forum must know!