douglas lima

good young fighter. he won a fight just last month, id like to see him step up in competition. anyone see his fight with matt brown?

total pro and am record of 8 -1 - 0.

how did i go down?


yes he is a good fighter!! 9-1 as a pro

He just turned 19, he is young and getting better and better everyday.

We'll see him in the big show one day!!


hi junior! hi!

nice to see you junior. when is your next fight man?

Douglas Lima is a bad man... His first fight was on one of my cards. The kid is a phenom though he did hit a bump in the road with Gurgel's Matt Brown.. They were a nice match up, but it appeared that Lima ran out of gas.. I don't see that happening again, to the Assuncao Protege..

Ive seen Douglas fight 3 times now. First time being when he was 17 against one of my old training partners. He is def a bad ass and way ahead of his age

Mad props to Douglas. He gassed when I fought him but he kept fighting on....


cool kid

i agree he is awesome

Lima is a bad boy