Dove '09


Was out Mon. and Wed. evenings and saw a few birds, had maybe 3 shots.  I was on some state land that has some really nice, and big, dove fields. Lots of corn, wheat, sorghum, millet, but almost none of it's been knocked down or cut yet.  No migraters, seems like all local birds, and after being shot at 500 times on Monday those fields are like a ghost town.

Seriously way too many people for me on opening day at that place. Think I'll try to find some less populated feilds, 'till later on when the migraters show up, and most people have forgotten about doves.

Anyone else having any luck?

PS. Practiced all rules of safety with my 'Fouling Piece'    ;)

Hunted friday. decent but it turned into a clusterfuck.

hunted this place last year and limited out in 30 minutes.

we go friday and a bunch of weird shit started happening. divorce in the family of the landowner and the best fields were not available. I managed to limit out. I was shit hot with my shooting. The closest guy to me got 11 birds.

I drove 5 hours each way for a mediocre hunt. The worst part was the lies of the landowner. they said we could not hunt the good fields because of out of state clients flying in. i went out to the good fields and there was nobody out there.

Oh well it was a good hunt after all. Got checked by the game warden. he was kool as shit. checked license and gun for plug. He looked in the back of the truck and said that we would be alright as long as we had water and beer. there were a bunch of of emptys water bottles and beer cans in the back. He was referring to the lack of birds.

Warden rolls out into the field. I never saw him. fuck those green trucks are hard to see. My bud hands me his beer. Im like what the fuck are you handing me your beer for. he said put it in the truck. So I did. I told him later that I know better than to be standing next to him when the warden shows up. My bud would hand me his beer , put his birds in my bag and haul ass. So as the days goes we were saying that when the warden shows up he would haul ass and put a pelican and a bald eagle in my game bag and haul ass. we Busted his balls over that one.

Did not see any white wing. we saw some Eurasian collared dove and shot one. they are huge, almost the size of pidgeons. Beautiful birds.

MY "fouling piece" worked well. I had one misfire and I think it was a hard primer. the firng piece strike was a little off center though. may get it checked after the season is over. It rattled the rounds out nicely after that. Shooting Remington sureshot heavy dove this year. worked pretty good.

I got to the field only once so far - were a few dove but too far to shoot at. I'm going out again this weekend at dawn so we'll see.