download cell phone games?

I just got a motorola razr with verizon. anyone know the best site top buy good/cheap games for this phone? which games are the best?




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ttt I'm gettin one too. Would like to know.

Verizon should have downloadable games but you can also often get them directly from sites. has some of the best games. I highly recommend Ancient Empires 1/2 and ign/gamespot are good places for reviews

if you find a game that isn't available on your network or phone (i often have problems) through a us based site then look for an international site like which will often have it. I hate the whole lock-in exclusive crap

Most of all, get Doom RPG and let me know how that fucker is because I can't get it for my phone/t-mobile!


alpha wing 2 is just my style... too bad the focker won't download :(

sweet. Those look like cool games. thanks

I enjoyed Siberian Strike, a top down shooter. Let me know how Alpha Wing is if you're able to get it working.

I can't find a place to DL to a Verizon Motorola Razr VC3. Is it because this is a newer model phone?

Where were you able to DL Siberian Strike? It looks cool. What plan are you on?


Does verizon have a download zone when you go into your web browser?

Yeah but it's mostly crap games. No Siberian Strike or anything else that sounds cool. They have Galaga which I think is an old skool game like that.

rated 8.0

......just downloaded it. I also have Massive Snowboarding which is cool once you get used to the controls....

Galaga is cool. But I wish it would fire on its own so I could just do the left/right

a lot of shooters have such an option? no galaga?

I looked for it and couldn't find it. A good way to play is to use both hands and have your thumb on the 0 (fire). A cool game once you get used to it...