download free MMA game!

The MMA Simulator v .9 was just released today with several improvements. You can download the game at:

This game is a text based simulator with nearly 300 real fighters!

155: 48 fighters
170: 40 fighters
185: 56 fighters
205: 50 fighters
HWT: 104 fighters!

You can update the latest fighters, and keep up with updates and discussions on the game here:

fighters are rated in 16 different attributes so that each fighter's fighting style in the sim accurately reflects his real life counterpart.

Set up dream matches, random tournaments with up to 32 fighters, or use the game for a fantasy MMA league.


and we are getting the pics digitalized this week bradu. my digicam wasnt working, so we had to use a disposible.

sorry for the wait man

UFC Flash! I love that damn thing. Except I STILL can't work out why Sean Sherk always beats Genki Sudo, STOOPID SIUMLATOR :p

We're going to start up a league here in the next month or two also, so if that's something you're into, keep your eyes peeled for updates.

here are the changes in this version:

0.9 Version - 01/10/2005

1. New AI system (fighter will adjust his gameplan
according to his opponent's strenghts a weaknesses,
and the ocurrances in the middle of the fight).
2. New range-checking system. Fighter needs to move
propper range in order to perform his attack, and
expose himself to counter-atacks in the process.
3. Illegal moves appear too often, that will be
4. Fighter will choose his strikes based on his
agression level
(Tank throws a lot of haymakers, Couture prefer jabs
and Straights, etc.)
5. Fixing K-1 glitch (grappling ratings will be put
under resting,
instead of kicking)
6. Removing John McCarthy from PRIDE and K-1 fights
7. No Elbows in PRIDE
8. ROMANEX replaces Meca.
9. Fixed "Phantom tap" glitch.

bj penn vs vanderlei silva

penn by ko rd 2!

see, I knew it! lol

bj penn taps out serra rd 3, haha yeah that happened

Penn beating Silva just doesn't quite seem right. But oh well, stranger things have happened. Best 2 out of 3?

ttt for later!

yes, it's text only.

ttt for later