Download this game!

It's called Mount and Blade. It's this medieval war game pretty much. Not even complete, but the combat is pretty damned fun. I played it for about 2 hours last night. You can hire peasants and farmers to fight with you. You can sell your prisoners of war off as slaves. The RPG and town parts pretty much suck, but once you get into some combat, it's badass.

Who downloaded this game? I liked the combat so much I bought it.

pretty freakin awesome for an independent developer. Like you I spend a few hours in the tournament arena, just wanted to fight one more time.

Download it, this game may only get better if they keep at it.

I cannot stop playing this game.

I now have a full troop of knights that ride with me. I give them the follow order and I ride my troops through the enemy ranks. Nothing more satisfying than popping some wanker with a crossbow in the face with your lance.

I know, very satisfying!! It took me a while to get used to the right timing with a lance, but once I got it down, it's great!

I still prefer to be on horse with a sword, nothing beats killing about 7 guys all by your self.

Did you do a siege yet? I gotta get some more money first.

For people who haven't tried it yet. Think Pirates! only you're an aspiring knight and get to right a horse and fight in group on group tournaments. it rocks

My party of 17 armed knights got wiped out when some lucky nomads killed my horse from underneath me as I was riding through their ranks. I pulled my bastard sword and killed 3 of the, but they swarmed me and knocked me out. Without my leadership my entire crew was captured or killed. I limped my way back to the tournaments to earn some more $$ so I can go raiding again.

you can download it and play it until level 6 or something like that, which is enough time to get hooked. The download is only like 50 megs.

Think of this as a great demo.

I think i will plunk down the money to keep playing and getting updates.

Terrible? How far along did you play?

Use the tournament to learn to fight with different weapons. Don't attack with the lance, just ride straight towards your target and he'll lower it automatically once you go fast enough. The game's not much to look at, but I really enjoyed the combat mechanics. Especially once you start with your own soldiers. For a game made by some guy and his wife in Turkey, it's pretty awesome.