Downloaded GTA vice city for PC lol

Got drunk the other night and DLd this old ass game and been having some fun with it. On PC when downloaded through steam, u aim weapons with the mouse making it much more accurate and pinpoint howveer, locking on on the original ps2 version is much more efficient it seems. ANyways been having fun with it but will prob get bored of it quickly.

Right now im at the point close to beating it when youre buying businesses and waiting for the call when uve done everything required where u kill sonny and lance. when i get home in the am i have some cars to steal for the sunshine autos list, im going to street race the new sabre turbo i just unlocked, im going to finish the print shop missions and collect money from my businesses. i currently own the malibu club, the pole position club, sunshine autos, and the boat yard.

Anyways worth a quick DL through steam if youre board and want some nostalgia as i used to love these games growing up.

Might DL san andreas but IDK 16 bucks for an old game. anyways cheers.

They just had gta 5 for free last week on epic games. 

Think they updated the graphics too as it looks a little better now as well. cheers.

MojoSoDope - 

They just had gta 5 for free last week on epic games. 

thanks but i doubt my computer could run it. cheers.