Downloading & Burning DVD movies

for informational purposes only -

if a person has a 60 gig HD and a dvd burner. where can u download movies? and is it easy to burn them to dvd? what are the best (easiest) programs for this?

u know u well burn in the pits of hell for pirating movies, its just wrong

Get on newsgroups and irc is good from what I here.

lol .. I downloaded like 6 movies from bittorrent yesterday. It took me all of 20 seconds to click on all of them. How is that time-consuming?

is it easy to copy with only one drive? what programs do u recomend?

To each his own. I have hundreds of DVD-ripped movies, all downloaded off Kazaa. If you pay attention, you can all but eliminate the problem of downloading mislabeled movies.

I haven't spent a lot of time on BitTorrent, but many people rave about it. You might as well check out all your options.