Downloading Shadowrun now.....

Went home for lunch and I started to download the 1GB demo of Shadowrun. I will give you my thoughts of the game after a bit.

Let us know what you think.

I played a little of the offline game at work but havent had a chance to play the live version.

It plays like a cross between Unreal Championship 2 (xbox) and Counterstrike only with a fantasy twist.

Crazy game offline, online will be nuts!

Are you 360 or PC?

Demo is available on Xbox Live.

It's OK. I really wish they would have put a decent single-player campaign on there instead of making it multiplayer only. And for $60? Forget about it. Maybe for half that.

Gets up and turns on xbox

OK so I downloaded it. I'm a Xbox user. There is no demo for the PC yet.

I'm impressed with this game. It is pretty cool and fast. It will take me a bit to get used to all the tech and magic stuff. The graphics are alright but this game is about gameplay and teamwork other than graphics.

I will be purchasing this game but I do agree with XakumaX that is overpriced for MP game only with no single player. You can though play against bots for practice.

The people I usually play with are getting this game so it should make for good times.

So if you like FPS shooters and MP games than I highly recommend this game.

I played it I think its a step down from rainbow six. I like the idea of
shooting someone in the head and having them die. I don't like shooting
people a bunch and having them fag away into some wall. I gave this
game a shot I have been waiting awhile for this but rainbows 6 is just so
much better.

I played the demo a bit, it's really nice but with no single player campaign I can't see dropping $60 on it when I have GoW and Vegas on my shelf already.

When I can pick it up used for under $30 it's mine tho

"When I can pick it up used for under $30 it's mine tho"-by that time comes around I wouldn't bother. There probably won't be a community out there to play with.