Downloading Some Great Stuff

There are several Billy Cobham and Lionel Hampton albums on alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.jazz right now, if anyone's intersted. Probably just the few drummers that are here.

great newsgroup.......once snagged Jan Hammer's "Oh Yeah" album there as well as a couple of Mahavishnu offerings.

One of my favorite newsgroups. Can you recommend a good one to get blues from?

I just can't figure out those damn newsgroups.

Try for a copy of NewsShark. Your ISP (unless you're using AOL) should have a usenet address for you. Probably something like For example, mine is

Many ISP's don't carry the "good" (warez, mp3, porn, etc.) newsgroups, so you may have to subscribe to a good news server service. Mine does provide all of them, but I subscribe anyway because it's faster and has better retention. I use


I checked out whmsoft and it is some kind of streaming audio player, is that right?


Ok I found it. Do you have a registered version or do you use the trial?

I have a registered version. I started using the trail. I don't remember the restrictions. I think it was time (30 days?) and only let you scan 2 groups at a time. Which is probably plenty to decide if it's worth it to you or not.