Doyle accepts challenge, sort of..

first the challenge:

in the new issue of cardplayer doyle responded:

"From The Desk Of Doyle Brunson

Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: October 2004
To: Andy Beal

I'm very surprised at the hostile tone in which you wrote this open letter to us. It doesn't reflect the true character of the man all of us have learned to respect and admire. While I haven't talked to everyone concerned in this, I believe I speak for most.

First, I would like to apologize for any "fishermen's tales" that have been told. I know you are aware of the concern we have always had about discussing our game with anyone. I think you are aware of the way the media can distort anything they write about. I personally called you about the two writers wanting to write books on "the big game." After you had me give them your number, it appeared you weren't concerned with privacy any longer. You even wanted one of the writers to be an observer the next time we played.

As far as your challenge goes, we concede that you have more money than all of us put together. So, why would we want to get into a $100,000-$200,000 game in which we would be underfunded? We are pros, and we know the disadvantage of this. So, here is what we propose:

  1. We will raise a $40 million bankroll and post it along with yours. (Everything is contingent on raising the money, but I think it is very realistic that we can expand and raise it.)

  2. We will play 30K-60K. If either side loses half of its post-up money, it can raise the stakes to $50,000-$100,000. There is an old axiom that applies here: Get out the way you got in!

  3. We will choose who plays and when.

  4. We prefer to play in Vegas, the gambling capital of the world. Most of us live here, and what would we do in Dallas when we weren't playing? This is negotiable. The first three points aren't.

Andy, I'm chuckling as I write this closing paragraph. If Bill Gates came to Dallas and wanted to flip coins for $100 million per flip for four hours a day until one of you ran out of money or cried uncle, would you do it? My money says you would decline.

Doyle Brunson"

Doyle Brunson, is THE MAN

sicko is all in with his correct chips

i think doyle made a pact with the devil:

he is proposing a games where each player brings to the table 666.66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 times the big blind.

Big difference in what Doyle is proposing and what Beal proposed.

Doyle is basically looking for a freeroll. They'll raise the money from backers. Beal said the point was to play the best when their money is on the line.

Doyle is looking for an advantage. Big difference gambling when you are using OPM and when you are using your own. There is a big difference in the psychological pressure on the player.

If Doyle and the other big money pros that were challenged pooled their money to make the bankroll, then the bet should be accepted. They've got all their money on the line and so does Beal. People outside of the group of pros shouldn't have a stake in the game.

not about the challenge but doyle related

anyone know when super system ii is suppose to be released? amazon says oct 1st but if i remember its the 14th today

i can see why that guy is pissed.

it sounds like all the pros couldn't wait to play him at the highest limits until he got a clue how to play and then they all backed out - like a bunch of bullies.

"We are pros, and we know the disadvantage of this"
he should have added this:

"we pros also know the advantage of playing a billionaire who doesn't know how to play. have any other rich friends intersted in poker?"

but i guess part of poker is finding suckers and avoiding tough competition and as antithetical as that is to everything most of us are tought to value in people's behaviour, i guess that's part of the "pro's" job:

taking advantage of people.

i guess that's part of the "pro's" job:

taking advantage of people.

That's ALL of the pros' job. That's what they are supposed to do.

Drift, Yeah was hoping it would come out on October 1st cause I wanted to pick it up, but no other site showed October first other then (in fact Walmart shows something like 2005 or 2006 or something messed up like that). Anyways, from what I've heard the release date is actually November 1st. However, I've also heard that the November release date will be to people who got the book though Doyle's website (you can sign up and play on his site, with each raked hand you get points, get enough points and you get the book). The dates that I've heard about the book being available in stores for everyone else has varied, I've heard that it'll be available to everyone on November 1st, I've heard available to everyone on Jan 1st, I've heard people say early next year. Granted, I understandt he purpose of using such a popular book to get people to sign up and play on the website, but if I were them I'd make it available to everyone else either in November or on December 1st, simply b/c you want to be able to get some Christmas sales in with it. However, the book is going to be insanely popular and don't need a seasonal push to spike its sales, if it's anywhere near as popular as the first version then it's sales will continue to do well (relative to other poker books) as long as poker is being played.

That being said I really hope it comes out on November 1st cause I really wanna get it

gus hansen needs to write a book

Beal's challenge and statements are very interesting.

There is alot of history to this.

Beal has been playing the group of players Doyle is speaking for over a fairly long stretch, and he will only play them heads up, one at a time, now, supposedly because he either formally or informally caught them cheating.

Search "Andy Beal" on RGP and you will uncover some posts there about this.

thanks for the info , i read the 1st part of Beal's challenger in card player magazine.

very interesting