Doyles Room?

Just curious who plays in Doyle's Room and what do you think about it?  I'm going to start to play some more online poker during the winter months as driving an hour to the casino isn't what I look forward to doing.  I'll still be playing my Fri night 1/2 NL game (super soft game), and visit the poker club where you can play 2/5 or 5/10 NL games (I play the 2/5).

Just wondering what some peoples opinions are.

Actually, let me answer this.  I feel like I'm on Absolute or Party Poker.  The suckouts I've experienced is ridiculous.  I've gotten drilled by 5 gut shots already.  Let along dropping hands with AA against lower pairs twice on all ins preflop.  Just awful.  I'm sure the site isn't bad, but this is an extraordinary amount of bad beats.  Wow.

i think they have switched networks several times and burned a lot of players along the way. they are now part of the cake network. to the bad beats, get used to it. as they say "that's poker".