Dr. Doom vs. Apocalypse?

Who takes this one?

Doom easily.

On paper, Apocalypse is a bad ass, but in practice, the two-bit clown hasn't accomplished anything of note.

I think Apocalypse is more powerful, but Doom is Doom.

Apocalypse all day and twice on Sunday. Doom is cursed to succeed, but Apocalypse has been around for hundreds of years. If anything Doom will die of old age and Apocalypse is still kicking 10,000 years later. FYI, did anyone know Apocalypse is black?

i thought he was egyptian

The Cannibal has walked liked the correct

All I know is I found a link to the top black characters in comics and he was sammiched in right tween Black Panther and Blade.

"I think Apocalypse is more powerful, but Doom is Doom."

I think he's more powerful too. According to marvel.com he can be stronger than the Hulk too.

Doc Doom is the fucking man and don't forget it.

Apocalypse has been around for thousands of years and still doesn't have a PHd.

DOCTOR Doom for the win.


doc doom is only of doctorate intellect but no school awarded him any degree(i think,maybe he got his online).en sabah nur is supposedly more powerful of the two but dr.doom is too bad ass so he should win via throwing asteroid size molecules while doing magic spells to beat en sabah nur.

Im going to give an engineering advantage to Apoc.

Imagine the armor he could make Doom.

Anyway, Doom would need his magic, and lots of it.

Dr. Doom in a long, kickass chessmatch.

Doom figured out how to punk galactus, steal the beyonder's power and has duplicated and stolen the silver surfer's power on several occasions. Doom also singlehandedly and without armor took over the alternate earth that orbits the sun on the exact opposite side of normal earth.

Apocolypse has succeeded only in alternate timelines.

Apocalypse has been around for thousands of years and still doesn't have a PHd.

Maybe we just have the same external examiner. He keeps going incommunicado for months on end, causing massive delays.

"Walked like the correct..."

You guys crack me up...

With some prep time Doom wins...but a chance encounter leaves Doom overwhelmed and done.

I doubt there's such a thing as a "chance encounter" between people of this magnitude...

Doom all the way.

No, Apoc could just teleport right into Doom's castle because he needs something and just flat out OWN Doom in his own home. Yeah like that.

If that did happen, it would be literally the first time Apocalypse has owned anyone.