Dr. Jordan Peterson: in depth interview

Well worth a full viewing. A lot of subjects are covered in this interview, so I won"t try to simplify it. I"ll just say that this man is on the front line war against free speech and you should give him some your time to listen and learn how your basic freedom to think and speak freely are being challenged and taken away, in the case of New York, by the radical Left.

If a blue would be so kind as to embed the video Phone Post 3.0


Subbed Phone Post 3.0


Watching his JRE episode now.

Reasonable and logical guy.

He came across really well on the JRE. He claims   control of language is a major step in establishing authoritarian leadership. So what set him off was the fact Canada is going to LEGALLY oblige people to use this list of made up pronouns. Bearing in mind using the 'n word' isn't illegal.  

The podcast takes a very interesting twist when he starts talking about religion.