Dr. Malone blows lid on Covid vaccines

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Bill Gates’ scientists can’t figure out why Africans are immune to bullshit

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This didn’t require a peer reviewed journal.

We know.


Rather than be taken in by a screenshot link to the study.









Please make sure you keep up with your boosters, Jonathan.

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Here’s a question.

Who cares?

Get vaxxed. Don’t get vaxxed.

Take invermectin. Don’t take it.

Put leeches all over yourself and do bloodletting.

The amount of time amd energy spent on this is a waste.

Its like telling the guy who eats a pound of bacon a day a banana might be good for him.

Preach, bro

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Reposting debunked articles just confirms your stupidity, you get shown the evidence and still repeat it.

You should change your name to Snakes have legs. SNAKES HAVE LEGS - Original Animation - YouTube

They’re strange names to call your Mother.

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That’s because you’re a fucking idiot…if you weren’t your reading comprehension (the same one that somehow misses “with” covid vs. “from” covid in your curated posts) would pick on on the fact that I didn’t say that…

Terrible comeback, no wonder Western society has rejected you

Will this one shut you up? Deaths from covid by vaccination status? You can select from covid and cases on the chart, it still shows unvaccinated losing out.

No you stupid fuck…from your own report…

“Deaths: A COVID-19 associated death occurred in a person with a documented COVID-10 diagnosis who died; health department staff reviewed to make a determination using vital records, public health investigation, or other data sources. Rates of COVID-19 deaths by vaccination status are reported based on when the patient was tested for COVID-19, not the date they died. Deaths usually occur up to 30 days after diagnosis”.

A lot of wiggle room in there…

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