Dr Rick

Maybe I’m old, but these commercials are funny as hell. I only do about 25% of the stuff he brings up, so maybe I’m not that bad. 


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Love them....

"We all see it.. We all see it.."

"Miss Blair."

No fussin

No cussin

Lol love them commercials 

yeah theyre good

when she pulls out the "live laugh love" picture frame and he spikes it in the trash lol

Who else reads books about submarines? Lol

I love the "who reads books about submarines" my dad!

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I thought this was gonna be about the movie ‘Fired Up!’...

Great underrated dumb comedy IMO... WAAAAY funnier than it has any right to be. 



"You don't know them" is the line that always kills me


Just saw another commercial where the guy makes the loud exhaling noise when sitting down ...lol I know my dad and uncle do that all the time