Dr. Robert Malone to appear on Rogan's podcast on 12/30

Hard to say when it will actually show up on spotify, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. His twitter account was just suspended today, so it is perfect timing.



Who da fook is that guy?

Cliffs on Malone?

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And boom goes the dynamite

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Trust the science!

Or uh…

Trust MY science!


Excellent. Happy the good Doctor is finally getting some notable recognition.




Are you dumb?


Joe will be removed from twitter. Mark my words…



He’ll be removed from the planet if the powers that be get their way. Lake Austin is pretty dangerous with all those undercurrents…

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Joe could commit suicide or get very ill in a few days, we live in a strange world…
so Dr. Robert holds a grudge and will say probably a lot of nasty shit
rip joe

Inventor of MRNA

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So funny enough i appealed the account warning for that post on FB and they said it was okay and put the post back. And if they didn’t I would have told them they can’t censor words.

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Lol this

The guy was lauded as a hero then he came out against mass vaccination and mandates and he’s now a loon and an anti vaxxer. Hilarious


Cant tell if the article is pro or anti Dr. Malone.

The vaccines have repeatedly been shown to help prevent symptomatic coronavirus infections and reduce their severity.


The vaccines cause more harm than experts are letting on; Fauci is a liar and possibly a fascist; and the mainstream news media is either shamelessly complicit or too stupid to figure out what’s really going on.


Dr Malone arguing that the approval process for the vaccines had been unwisely rushed, the public doesn’t have enough information to decide whether to get vaccinated, offering incentives for taking vaccines is unethical, there hadn’t been sufficient research on how the vaccines might affect women’s reproductive systems, casts doubt on the safety of the vaccines while decrying what he sees as attempts to censor dissent.

All correct.

When Malone was a graduate student in biology in the late 1980s at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, he injected genetic material—DNA and RNA—into the cells of mice in hopes of creating a new kind of vaccine.

He was the first author on a 1989 paper demonstrating how RNA could be delivered into cells using lipids, which are basically tiny globules of fat, and a co-author on a 1990 Science paper showing that if you inject pure RNA or DNA into mouse muscle cells, it can lead to the transcription of new proteins. If the same approach worked for human cells, the latter paper said in its conclusion, this technology “may provide alternative approaches to vaccine development.”

These two studies do indeed represent seminal work in the field of gene transfer, according to Rein Verbeke, a postdoctoral fellow at Ghent University, in Belgium, and the lead author of a 2019 history of mRNA-vaccine development. (Indeed, Malone’s studies are the first two references in Verbeke’s paper, out of 224 in total.) Verbeke told me he believes that Malone and his co-authors “sparked for the first time the hope that mRNA could have potential as a new drug class"…

Seems legit.

Malone is not exactly living on the streets: In addition to being a medical doctor, he has served as a vaccine consultant for pharmaceutical companies.

Malone was involved in groundbreaking work related to mRNA vaccines before it was cool or profitable; and he and others who believed in the potential of RNA-based vaccines in the 1980s turned out to be world-savingly correct.

More validations…

His objections to the Pfizer and Moderna shots have to do mostly with their expedited approval process and with the government’s system for tracking adverse reactions. Speaking as a doctor, he would probably recommend their use only for those at highest risk from COVID-19. Everyone else should be wary, he told me, and those under 18 should be excluded entirely. Malone is also frustrated that, as he sees it, complaints about side effects are being ignored or censored in the nationwide push to increase vaccination rates.

Cant argue with any of this.

You might very well walk away with the skewed sense, after hearing Malone speak or reading his posts, that there is a far-reaching COVID-19 cover-up and that the real threat is the vaccine rather than the virus.

Sounds like the author now agrees with Dr. Malone…

Malone contracted COVID-19 in February 2020, and later got the Moderna vaccine in hopes that it would alleviate his long-haul symptoms. Now he believes the injections made his symptoms worse: He still has a cough and is dealing with hypertension and reduced stamina, among other maladies. “My body will never be the same,” he told me.

Hes not the only one.

Stan Gromkowski, a cellular immunologist who did work on mRNA vaccines in the early 1990s and views Malone as an underappreciated pioneer, put it this way: “He’s fucking up his chances for a Nobel Prize.”

Hey Stan, maybe the truth is a little more important than winning a “prize”.

The Atlantic ’s COVID-19 coverage is supported by grants from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative



This is gonna be fun.

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Lol this post is hilarious considering I called you a vax tard in another thread and you got your panties in a bunch.

Bonus points for posting “Ah” then an Atlantic link.