"Dr. Saenchai" Khaay Muay

Dr. Sanchai Boxing Gym
(Sip Sam Riian)

Just a quick note that we trained with Saenchai Sor Kingstar at his camp in Thailand this past trip. What an amazing experience to be the 1st Americans to do it and I would highly recommend the camp for higher level amateurs and pro fighters. The padholding was the best in comparison to previous trainging at Sasiprapa, Sor Vorapin and Fairtex. If you've got a serious interest in training there in the future, email me phaisaan @ pittsburghmuaythai.com  and I'll help to get you sorted. Got a mate in BKK that assists in arrangements for farang. Also training there is the Lumpinee #4 at 57 kg. Ningmongkon...super fun to clinch with and pal around with. 2 other Raja champs and Jean Charles SKarbowsky's pad man, Guy is there too. Jocky has really died down, and he's come over to work at Sanchai's.

What made the pad holding better?

Which Sor.Vorapin did you train at before? The one of Khao San Rd?

Faster pacing, simulating fighting more. They could catch anything you threw without blinking and hit back to constantly check balance/defense. The others generally just led you offensively & sometimes would even issue a combo to repeat (Sor Vorapin - Taling Chan) Much more interactive and fun. Sasiprapa was good, Fairtex was good on a personal level but others complained about some of the trainers, and Sor Vorapin was uninspiring.

That's cool.

My friend went to a camp near Khon Kaen in the northeast. He said when he got in the ring with the pad holder, he was waiting for him say what to do... the padman just stood there looking a him like he was an idiot.

He wanted my friend to throw what ever he wanted and he would catch it and counter with something of his own...creating a non-stop interaction almost like sparring. :)

BINGO! That's a better summary than mine.

RD - I know next year you're heading over with the wife, so if you're interested in Sanchai's, I'll hook you up. The resort is nice, great food, close enough to BKK, but far enough to be restful. See you in Feb for KK's next show.

Cool! I'm going to be in Thailand for at least 5 weeks this time. If the wife likes it enough, we might be moving there in the next few years :)

That's is absolutely the best type of pad holding. It's a reason they don't need to spar nearly as much, essentially they are sparring 12+ rounds a day. Too bad it's in BKK, I'll be heading to Chiang Mai, but thanks for the heads up.

TTT I'd love to visit that camp!