Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness trailer

Always knew Dr. Strange would make a good movie franchise, especially after the advancements in VFX. I can’t stand the actor. His accent sucks, it hurts my throat listing to it. Anyways, fuck Disney.

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Don’t forget her two mothers either. I saw the movie today and I enjoyed it very much!

Haha yeah, Magic in these movies changes from scene to scene. When it looks cool they fly around at will or hover in place effortlessly while they fear buildings with spells. And then they also run down hallways and forget they know Magic.


You gotta throw all the logistics of power out window when watching. They were straight up punching thanos when he had a bunch of infinity stones. He could have thought them out of existence

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If y’all think there’s illogical moments in the movies just wait until you read a comic book.

Aside from the new Spider-man, the magic is gone from this new Marvel phase. Hopefully Thor brings it but I’m not very optimistic. Everything woke turns to shit a wise man once said.


They are going to ruin the greatest thor story marvel ever created with this love and thunder bullshit.


triggered GIF

Chihuahua imo, and Rocket would have fucked the shit out of her HARD!!!


We said the same thing after we saw it.

Was very silly IMO…

That’s the problem. No matter what Strange and AC can do, Wanda can do better.

Was the horror part of raimi’s work imo.

Was okay. Nothing great.

I didnt

The only good part of the movie was Bruce Campbell and the Zombie Strange. Rest of it was woke and sucked.

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Was fine

Abit different from other MCU movies & thats a positive

Poppa pizza always gets paid.

It’s over!

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The only real woke parts I can remember is the pin(which I only noticed due to the youtuber gushing over it) and the 2 moms which I was like “Oh like wonderwoman” and possibly the fight with illuminati but i just chalked up to the first 3 down were caught off guard and the last 2 had a somewhat game plan… that also ultimately failed horribly

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Saw it, and liked it overall. One thing I was looking forward to that I didn’t like was Reed Richards/John Krasinski. He fell flat for me. Maybe when/if he’s a younger RR it’ll be better. Also no display of his powers, etc. Blackbolt was pretty badass!

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