Dr Strange = Hot Garbage

She supposed to be hot?


I think Ive grown tired of CGI shit fests.


Yep, I’m out.

i heard sam raimi is the director.

there is an unholy triad who need powerful editors or they make shit films:


they need tighter rein than the gimp in pulp fiction.

with their godfather lucas.

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Did I forget to mention she’s gay. If I forgot I’m sure Marvel/Disney will remind you.


I concur. I can’t believe I paid to see that crap in a theater.

it’s too bad jessica alba isn’t acting anymore. she would have made chevez look hot at least. maybe victoria justice

or odetta annable

or my fave, ana de armas

would have worked as well.

aubrey plaza would have made her funny.


With the country falling apart before my eyes, the last thing I’m going to do is support the pedophiles @ Disney.
Endgame was my endgame.

With that, all my Marvel crap must go.

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I torrented it

Im 30 mins or so in. There is wokeness sprinkled in. I want the Scarlet Witch to win and annihilate everyone.

Hopefully the whole pedophile network goes down in flames.

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Did she really just use the exclamation “what the holy menstruation”?



There was nothing remotely enjoyable in it.
Just fan service crap that made no sense

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The only good part is what she did to Blackbolt and Jim from the Office. I really didn’t care when she killed the rest.

Btw thanks for reminding me. The movie also ruined the “Multiverse” idea of Marvel. Sort of difficult to do now when Franklin Richards already knows about incursions and his own Ultimate self. The only good part which gave some hope is they used the idea and name of the Ultimate universe as a throw away with no description.

Was fine as a popcorn flick & pseudo horror

Good acting by Benedict et al

Alot of new concepts introduced that bode well for future movies

Tom Cruise Iron Man gonna be interesting lol

Op if you’re old like me, you may not be the target audience anymore and you need to adjust your expectations/be more forgiving accordingly :slight_smile:


I loved it. Its one of my favorites of all time now. I would never, in a million fucking years, ever watch a movie with a single twat on the OG lol!


The trailer was misleading. I thought we were going to see marvel zombies and the X-men make their debut, but noooooooo. We got america chavez instead.

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Black Panther sucked. Only good scene was the car chase scene in Korea or wherever the fuck they were.