Dr Strange = Hot Garbage

Where to see it for free though… That’s the question


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That was their debut. We got Charles Xavier and Zombie Strange, as well as a brief flash of a few other zombies.That’s why the movie was a far bigger waste than just the movie itself. They ended up wasting/flushing some flagship ideas from Marvel writers.

Shut it off when she said “my moms” and it wasn’t said in the urban sense but rather in the literal sense. Don’t care if you have lesbian mothers etc but stop fucking polluting marvel with political agendas.


Smoke show

Damn. I wouldn’t go that far but I thought it was very good. Literally shits on all of DC’s offerings. I liked it was a bit darker with Rami on board.

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Prior to full-blown wokeness, the only worse movie was Captain Marvel.
Black Panther had massive potential.
They took the entire history & flushed it to cater to some gay ass hood villain.
It was retarded & off the wall.
Like some long lost distant absent relative is going to challenge for the throne of Wakanda.
Give me a break.


My biggest beef is referring to the MCU as earth 616…it sure as fuck is not

And black pather was trash



America Chavez is one of the worst comic book characters ever created. She’s the one of the best examples I’ve seen of a “Mary Sue”. I vaguely recall reading something where someone involved in the film said Marvel had been trying for some time to get the character into a film. Well, I guess they did it. (I have no idea why. America Chavez always seems very, very forced into things and I don’t believe the character has ever had comic book sales or popularity to justify it) I agree that she never should have been in the film in the first place. It would have been a better movie without her.

I’m sorta interested in where Marvel is going from here. Setting up incursions could lead to a variation of Hickman’s run on Avengers which lead to Secret Wars, and that could be epic. But if that’s not the path then I dunno where this leading.

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I don’t need to see the movie now

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And this…


It’s always been 616 in the comics, despite a number of executives (Joe Quesada for one) absolutely hating it.



that was great.

Yes the comics with 70 years of history is 616
…not the mcu

You having a problem with them calling it 616 is like having a problem with them calling him Spider-man since that’s his name in the comics. huh? Buncha fuckin dummies

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Lol wut?

“My biggest beef is referring to the MCU as earth 616…it sure as fuck is not”

It is 616.

Your argument is that its not the same as the 616 in the comics.

Neither is Tom Holland’s Spider-man.

616 is the marvel comics universe…the marvel cinematic universe is something different. It is not the 616 universe. Not sure what your argument is.