Draculino BJJ - 54 perfect Techniques in 12 minute

Some crazy lapel chokes starting at 5:26

That 'magic grip' to bow and arrow choke is a revelation: I go for the Kimura, knowing they'll grab their belt, and that I can then feed their gi tail to my hand, frapping their arm, freeing my other hand to go into the lapel for the breadcutter.

...grabbing inside their trousers will be a much easier, and more powerful grip - and the bow and arrow is much more stylish, ha.

Yeah, I'm still lost on these types of lapel chokes. We've covered them in class, but I'm still working on getting the baseball bat and bow and arrow chokes. I gess the trouser grab is called the Magic Grip for a reason. Not sure if I'm comfortable having someone stick their hand down my pants just yet lol.

Took me a while, and I kind of lost interest/hope - but after a while the muscles in your hands and arms seem to just reach a point where it's just second nature to use them for chokes.

Doing uchikomi of entering my hands into the collar helped a lot, too: you'll find your hands just going for the choke.

I find it very hard to get the pants grip, so I use the skirt of the jacket below the belt (assuming the belt is tied still). Phone Post 3.0

Never tried/seen the magic grip.

I imagine if I keep my hand on his wrist, and use it to keep it pinned, I can use that to pull my other hand right through the crook of his arm, deep enough so that the trouser grip is easy to take.

I love Draculino!! Thank you for this Phone Post 3.0

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Awesomeness. Technique was brilliant throughout. Great vid. Phone Post

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love the one hand in collar choke but do it with his arm inside mine makes it easier to block his retreat. and love the bizarre choke