Draft Day Plans?

With the draft in less than two weeks, what's everyone got planned? I'm dropping my kids of at my mother-in-law's house for the weekend Saturday morning and coming home to an empty house. She usually makes food to take with me as well. My wife is working and then going out with her friends, so it will just be me, my dog, & my tv all weekend.

Golf at 6AM with dad.

Back to my house for steaks and draft. I'll PVR that shit in case I shoot a 65 in the morning and get loaded afterwards.

already told the girlfriend plan on me watching several hours of tv that day, just before the draft starts I'll get some bbq & a 6 pack of sierra nevada pale ale and begin to pray that Jake Long drops to #5 (which he won't)

Get all my draft tools and try to predict how the draft will play out like I do every year with chips and dip aplenty.