Drag Queens are Patriots and the People that Change America - AOC



You misspelled stunning and brave


The Patriots football team as known as the “Pats.” I think thats what she meant.

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Lol simple mistake really.

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Who votes for this clown?

This 40-second video perfectly demonstrates what the left has become in America.

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I interact and work with plenty of Biden voters. The type of people that refer to him as “Joe” for Christ’s sake, and when we have serious discussions they all think this stuff is pandering bullshit too. There must be about 20,000 total people on Twitter and Instagram that perpetuate this nonsense.

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Yes, there’s them

And then theres the actual government.

They’re the people I’d be concerned with

GW had a sick wig game and had the famous ‘hand in his pocket pose,’ we all know what that means…

Tell me he wasn’t a sassy bitch

Guy spent almost his entire life in war, surrounded by dudes. Ffs give the man break and let him get his top game on.