Dragao Armlock Gi's in stock!

Haven't advertised it on our website yet because want to give every one on forums a chance at them first.

Will post pictures later.


Selling for $170 but I can do it for $140 plus $12 shipping.

Also got an A2 Hana for sale, well kinda. Girl who ordered has till Monday to pay me or it's going going gone.

When they eventually go on our website they will be $150 and $12


Forgot to add if your interested or have questions shoot me an email info@grapcon.com

nice gi!!!!


Killer gi, and good service. And price wise thats crazy. Man if you get this gi and can dial in that brazo accent..you will definitely go places frengs.

Sort of similar. The ones I have are slightly different as I believe they are the newer models.

Here are some pics..




Patch on pants


Embroidered dragon on sleeve




Some pictures of my inventory and the Irons (which I only have 1 A2 left of)





Question about the armlock series:

I am 5'11" and about 225 lbs...which size do you recommend? do they shrink at all?

These gi's shrink like no other. I'm 6'2 240 and my A4 iron started out looking like an A5 so I was worried. Thought for a second that they would be the first A4 gi pants that I would have to hem.

Turns out 2 washes later fits perfect.

I would recommend an A3 if your going to stay the weight or lose some, A4 if your going up

how thick is that collar? is it sturdy like the old school atama gold weaves, or thin like koral?

any A1's left of the all white?

We have 1 A1 left. Some one on sherdog wanted it but haven't heard back from them in a couple of days.

The collar is thin but super super stiff. The gi in general is stiff. If you want tomorrow I'll take a picture of my Vulkan to compare it to this. No rubber in the lapel, just all cotton.

Oh man. I remember when I bought my first gi (in 2004) then Dragao Arm-Lock was 90 bucks and considered expensive.

I'm not critisizing or anything... it's just the gi market has changed a lot.

I understand 1000%. I hate the gi market, it's not like all of a sudden cotton and child labor sky rocketed.

It's like a conspiracy theory and all the gi company's decided that they could ass rape the bjj guys add some fancy patches and we would all be ok with it (which we surprisingly are).

What cracks me up is when the put gi's on the market for under 100 bucks that retail for $150+. The price they list it for is under wholesale and you know there still making a profit. Makes you wonder how much they really cost

With that said of all the gi's I own the Dragao is the most durable. It almost feels like a thinner howard. Not as comfy as my Vulkan's but really really durable feeling