dragao double vs Mkimonos gold

If anyone has any insight into these two gis dragao armlock double weave and the mkimono gold weave . I need to buy a new gi and I've heard good things about both . I live in a hot climate and I am a little leary about buying a double , but I've heard the dragao "breathes" better than other doubles.

I have a Dragao Double weave arm lock gi and think its great. Had it 2 years and its very tough. Pants are tough as hell aswell. i also have a Keiko Raca gold weave and havent noticed a difference as to which one I get hotter in. They are both drenched in sweat equally when Im finished training. The keiko pants are awesome however.

my dragao double SHRANK like 4 inches per sleeve when i washed it in Cold water.  i've never had a gi shrink as much as that one.  i love my MKimonos gold weave top.  no problems what so ever