Dragon Lair (5/20)

Rick Caldwell wrote a good article on massmma.net regarding this competition (thank you, Rick). You should check it out for the controversy/drama alone.

Rick wrote "In the most difficult division of the day, Drew Fickett cleaned house. He had the hardest road to the absolute. He had to beat Josh Hesser, Mark Raposo, Craig Buckley and Dan Simmeler to win the division."

Does anyone know what weight class this was? And does anyone have any play-by-play?

Hesser vs. who?

Did Raposo and Buckley grapple (interesting non-MMA rematch)?

Thanks in advance.

Fickett fought both Raposa and Buckley. He beat Mark on points and tapped Craig.


Do you (or anyone) know who Josh Hesser went against and how that went?


Josh went against Fickett...lost on points. Was a good match... lot of transitioning.


did charlie huber compete?
hes dragon lair, prolly would do beginner/novice

Thank you.